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The arsenal of products for my 9-day Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System™!
My friend Kristi Cornwell has been sticking with the Isagenix plans and products for awhile now, and I have to say, she's looking fabulous--she's glowing, she's energetic, and she's healthy. Kristi has always been a wonderful person, inside and out, but her transformation has been incredible. It's made me curious about Isagenix, but the idea of so many processed products and supplements scared me off. While the premise behind Isagenix is that everything is specifically formulated to give you the exact nutrients that you need, I wasn't keen on the idea of a lifestyle that primarily consisted of consuming processed foods. However, Kristi was persistent and offered to provide an Isagenix cleanse program for me review on Lipgloss+Spandex. Since I've been working on trying to reduce my body fat %,  I figured it would be worth a try! We discussed my goals and current food plan, and 

Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System™

$213.95 (certain options/flavors are more expensive)
Includes 2 bottles of Cleanse for Life®, 1 canister of IsaLean® Shake, 1 bottle of Natural Accelerator™, 1 bottle Isagenix Snacks™ and one serving of e+™.
Accelerate healthy weight loss! Get weight loss and cleansing off to a fast start with the 9-day supply of the Cleansing and Fat Burning System. Seven pounds is the average weight loss for people using the Cleanse and Fat Burning System for nine days.* The five nutritional components of the system help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss. Stimulant free*. You may experience greater energy, weight loss boost, improved muscle tone, balanced digestion, reduced cravings

Some of the Isagenix products I used during my cleanse.
My modified version of an Isagenix recipe "Southwestern Baked Potato".
Kristi and I met up so she could give me the 9-day cleanse products, as well as some extras that she provided to help my cleanse experience (IsaDelights!), to help me understand the program, and to answer any questions that I had. Initially, I was really overwhelmed by all of the products, and the schedule, and vast amount of information.

The deep-cleanse schedule I followed was 7 "shake days" and then 2 "cleanse days" (see below). Additionally, it was recommended that I consume 80oz of water each day.

Shake Day schedule:
  • Breakfast: 1 packet IsaLean PRO mixed with water + 1 Natural Accelerator capsule
  • Healthy snack* (Kristi provided me with a long list of possible snack options)
  • Lunch: 1 packet IsaLean PRO mixed with water
  • Healthy snack* + 1 Natural Accelerator capsule
  • Dinner: healthy, low glycemic dinner of 400-600 calories (I modified the Southwestern Baked Potato recipe in my Isagenix guide)
  • Bedtime: 8oz water + 2oz Cleanse for Life

Cleanse Day schedule: 
  • 8am: 4oz Cleanse for Life + 1 Natural Accelerator capsule
  • 9am: 1 packet Ionix w/hot water
  • 10am: IsaDelight
  • 11am: 2 Snacks!
  • Noon: 4oz Cleanse for Life
  • 1pm: IsaDelight
  • 2pm: 2 Snacks! + 1 Natural Accelerator
  • 3pm: 4oz Cleanse for Life
  • 4pm: IsaDelight
  • 5pm: 2 Snacks!
  • 6pm: 4oz Cleanse for Life
  • 7pm: IsaDelight
  • 8pm: 2 extra Snacks! if needed​
It was definitely tough, but I did stick with my Isagenix shake for lunch, even though there was pizza.
I'm not a huge fan of water + protein powder... and the Natural Vanilla flavor is not my favorite.
So before I started my cleanse, I do what many people do... I had a cheat day. Well. It was more like a cheat weekend. You know, that "OHMYGAWD I MUST EAT ALL THE FOOD AND DRINK ALL THE DRINK BECAUSE TOMORROW I WILL STARRRRRRRRRVE." The consequence of that was that I went from 144.6 to 147.2 right before the 9-day deep cleanse. Oops. I also took my measurements (neck, chest, abdomen, etc.) and my body fat percentage. 

Days 1-7 "Shake Days": There were good times, and less than great times. The first two days were a little rough--protein powder mixed with water isn't my favorite, and I didn't like the Natural Vanilla flavor I had picked out (the flavor was meh, and it was kind of clumpy). FYI the Chocolate was decent, and I did spruce up the vanilla with some sugar-free fat-free pudding mix for flavor, or some flavored extract (FYI Isagenix does have an awesome 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee policy!) By the third day in, I was definitely feeling some of the caffeine. I'm pretty sensitive to caffeine, and I was feeling a little jittery, but after a day or so, I felt really productive and focused and energized, but I was also sleeping really well too.  I made the same Isagenix recipe (with modifications to make it vegetarian) for 6 of the 7 nights (because I'm too lazy to cook 7 different meals and I wanted to stick with the macros and calories that Isagenix was providing in the recipe). There were definitely times that I felt hungry, and plenty of times that my coworkers tried to convince me to just eat "one donut". I did slip up a little (there were a few small pieces of candy consumed here and there, and a matcha green tea latte...). After 7 Shake Days, I was at 143.6 lbs (only 1lb lower than my pre-cheat-weekend weight, but 2.4lbs lower than my post-cheat-weekend/pre-cleanse weight). I was down 0.3% body fat from the first morning of the 9-day cleanse.

Days 8-9 "Cleanse Days": I was afraid I wouldn't stick with it, but Kristi's advice set me up for success (eat/drink every hour). Although I really did NOT like the Vanilla "Snacks!", I did really like the Berry ones. And the IsaDelights are DELICIOUS. My tummy gurgled a lot over these two days... I felt like I spent quite a bit of time staring at the clock, waiting for the next time I could eat/drink. But I felt pretty energized and focused otherwise, just a smidge hangry! Over the two cleanse days, I lost 3.2lbs and 1.4% body fat (almost all of it from the first cleanse day, nothing after the second cleanse day).

So, I probably lost about 4.6lbs over the 9-day deep cleanse (possibly up to 7.2lbs) and about 1.7% body fat.  I did gain a little back after the cleanse (can't keep your guts empty forever), but all in all I am pleased with the amount of weight and body fat that was lost. After I had initially finished the 9-day deep cleanse, I really didn't think it was something that I would want to do again, especially because of the cost and some of the flavors. But after going back to my normal routine, I definitely notice that I haven't been as energetic, I haven't been sleeping as well, etc. I definitely feel like this was a great experience consider introducing certain Isagenix products and certain practices into my current plan.

If you have any questions, you can contact my awesome friend Kristi directly, or you can browse the Isagenix website.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. I am not a medical professional. Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise or diet plan. See Isagenix's disclaimers here.
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<![CDATA[TODAY ONLY on QVC [1/16/16]:  IT Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 6-Piece Collection]]>Sat, 16 Jan 2016 06:32:29 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/today-only-on-qvc-11616-it-cosmetics-new-year-your-most-beautiful-skin-6-piece-collection
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It's LIVE! Check it out soon to ensure that your shade is available, because these sets will go quickly!

IT Cosmetics New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin 6-Piece Collection

TSV price $59.96 (Saturday 1/16/16 only!)
Everyday QVC price $72.50, $214.00 value
What is it: It's your year for your most beautiful skin and it begins with this set.

Who is it for: Those who want makeup that is formulated with skin-loving ingredients.

Why is it different: Formulated with antiaging ingredients, this foundation color corrects while providing skin care benefits. CC+ Veil combines color pigments with Drops of Light Technology(R) to give you sheer to medium buildable coverage with a luminous finish. The SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum protection doesn't look or feel heavy! The cushion compact allows for the thin consistency of this hydrating fluid to dispense onto the included sponge or foundation brush without over-applying. With the Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush, you're able to precisely apply onto your skin. CC+ Creme Blush is hydrating and brightening color. Angled Radiance Creme Brush is precision-cut to hug your cheeks, placing blush where you want it and blending into your skin for a natural-looking, pretty flush! Blurred Lines Lipstick provides your lips with hydrating color!
  • CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation Compact
  • CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation Refill Cartridge

    ​The CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation is a sheer/light coverage, nourishing CC cream. I love that it has SP50, anti-aging, and primer all in one!  It would be wonderful for those with dry skin. The new cushion compact makes it quick and easy to apply the product, and is easy to use when on the go! You can either use the pouf that comes in the compact, or the Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush. Whichever way you choose, this foundation will create a beautiful, natural look.
  • Angled Radiance Creme Blush Brush
  • 0.148-oz CC+ Creme Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi, a universal soft pink shade

    ​This is a perfect pairing. I'm super picky about creme blush, but I love this one. The formula is delightful--light and comfortable on my skin. The color, Je Ne Sais Quoi, is a nearly universal shade of pink. And it's like the Angled Radiance Creme Blush Brush was created just for this blush--it makes applying the creme blush SO EASY.
  • Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush
  • Blurred Lines Lipstick in Je Ne Sais Quoi, a universal soft pink shade

    ​The Heavenly Luxe Dual-Ended Complexion Perfection Brush is one of my favorite IT Cosmetics brushes--it is such a fantastic multi-tasker! The large brush is excellent for applying liquid foundation, or even powder if you're in a pinch, and the small brush is great for applying foundation or concealer, or even a quick sweep of eyeshadow!

Here's a look I created with the New Year, Your Most Beautiful Skin collection. (I added a little mascara, brow powder and eyeliner too.)
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<![CDATA[Race recap: Turkeython 5k [11/25/2015]]]>Sun, 13 Dec 2015 23:00:51 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/race-recap-turkeython-5k-11252015Friend and fellow Run Oregon blogger Brian Bernier 
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Brian Bernier at the 2015 Turkeython. Photo by Uberthons


Thanksgiving is all about being thankful, and time with those you love. Though I went by myself to the Uberthons Turkeython at Bridgeport Village, I was definitely welcomed by my running family. No less than a dozen people made it a point to say hi and exchange at least a few words. In spite of the chilly temperatures, everyone was smiling and ready to have a great time. It was unfortunate I was there, as I had been on the fence about registering and decided not to due to being unsure about my fitness level at the time. But after a friend was unexpectedly unable to run, I decided the night before I would see about taking her entry and just getting out to have fun. Even as I pulled up almost an hour before the race, there were cones everywhere and prolific volunteers already on the course. Uberthons always does a really good job with course staffing and marking and this race was no exception. It was easy to see that it would wind around the shopping center before making a large loop, mostly on Boones Ferry. Not the most scenic course, but it had the potential to be fast and was definitely unique. Packet pickup was a quick stop inside one of the storefronts and the only left to do was warm up. I wanted this to be a higher mileage day and knew it was going to take a lot longer to get warmed up due to the temperatures, so I started meandering around the mall almost 50 minutes before the race start. I felt energized, and noticed no niggles or tweaks on this particular morning. I put off stripping down to race gear until minutes before the start, preferring to stay warm. I had noticed quite a few fast looking women before the gun went off, but only one speedy male. Knowing this was not a foolproof assessment of the field, I just toed the line hoping to win, but the first goal was just to eke out as much speed as was possible in that moment. After the start, I found myself at the head of the field with a few other men. It quickly settled as another competitor got to the front and three of us made a lead pack. I pushed for the lead a little to test the waters and discovered that the other two were quite serious and settled into a comfortable pace. 
PictureFriends having fun at the 2015 Turkeython! Photo by Uberthons
We worked together for about the first mile, then they picked up a little as we got onto the road. I tucked in behind them, but they drew away slowly as I concentrated on maintaining my form for that speed and trying to stay relevant. As we headed south on Boones Ferry and climbed the long gradual hill I kept within a few feet of them, after the crest they hit another gear I just didn't have and smoothly pulled away. Instead of giving up as I lost my chance to win, I kept my form and effort level. As usual, I was not wearing a watch, so had no way of knowing what I was running. After 3 more turns and a slight uphill we were back in the mall parking lot, and another 3 turns put us on the block long finishing straight. I had been accelerating, but didn't get into a full on kick. Just opening up my stride for a strong finished and glanced at the clock with a few steps to go to see it ticking along at under 15:30. I was completely floored as I crossed the finish. I had just ran a 27 second best with an official time of 15:33. It was a very cold morning, but the atmosphere, logistics, and timing made this for an amazing race. Even though I had been hoping to continue my win streak, to be soundly defeated and use that gap to pull myself along to new heights is a great experience. It was awesome to see happy, involved volunteers at all the turns and placed regularly on the route along with a incomprehensible number of cones to keep us on course. This is what racing is all about, enjoying all the aspects of the running community, the chance to do our best as well as mingle with friendly people. I am thankful indeed for my running family.

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<![CDATA[Give the gift of massage this holiday season from Selah Wellness (and get a massage for yourself for half off!)]]>Fri, 11 Dec 2015 04:59:49 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/give-the-gift-of-massage-this-holiday-season-from-selah-wellness-and-get-a-massage-for-yourself-for-half-off
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Inside Clint's studio. Photo by Selah Wellness
​In this ultra fast paced world, it is rare to have a moment where we are able to set aside the stress of the day for the sheer purpose of rejuvenating our bodies and souls. Therapeutic massage by Selah Wellness, LLC can do just that.  It is more than just being pampered; it is a path for improved health and healing.

Selah (pronounced see-luh) is a Hebrew word...thought to be a musical term to pause, rest, meditate. In this ultra fast paced world, we sometimes need to pause, rest, and meditate. That is what Selah Wellness is all about.

Owner and Licensed Massage Practitioner, Clint Hartwig,  graduated with high honors from Everest College. He is passionate about health and helping others achieve their own health potential. He enjoys running, projects around the house, and is a believer in lifelong learning. Clint is an active participant in local  massage groups as well as being a member of the American Massage Therapy Association.
PictureClint Hartwig, LMP. Photo by Selah Wellness
sWhile getting a massage can feel luxurious, it can also be incredibly therapeutic as well--it can aid a variety of health issues, including physical pain, mental health, and other ailments. And the healthcare industry agrees--many Flex Spending Accounts and Health Spending Accounts can be spent on therapeutic massage (contact your provider for specifics of your plan--often times, you just need the doctor's authorization for your records, or have your doctor submit a letter of medical necessity).

Friend and fellow Clint Hartwig is a Licensed Massage Practitioner. Clint offers sports massage and Swedish massage (his specialties), chair massage, and other services. Back in October, he offered to let me check out his new location Heal Here Now naturopath office in Salmon Creek, and receive a massage. It was perfect timing, since I had just paced the second half of the Portland Marathon, and was more than happy to accept! Clint is really knowledgeable and has a really great calming energy about him. He did a great job easing the aches and pains from the race, and working out the little knots I had. After the massage, Clint offered suggestions on how to maximize the benefits of my results, and to stay loose. I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Clint for a great massage.

​Clint Hartwig
Selah Wellness, LLC
11815 NE HWY 99; Suite D
Vancouver, WA 98686
cell (360) 991-8452
Selah Wellness on Facebook
**services are by appointment only**

Chair Massage: Clint brings an ergonomic chair to your location, and provides a massage while the patient is in a seated position, with clothes on. Rate: $1 per minute.

Swedish Massage: Beneficial for a variety of reasons, including stress reduction, pain management, and improved flexibility. Rate: $60 per hour; $85 for 90 minutes; $110 for two hours.

Selah Wellness is currently offering a holiday special for their gift certificates--
​buy one as a gift, get one for yourself for half off!

ALSO... Selah is on Perka! Check-in when you come in for a massage and get a virtual punch on your punch card. On your first check-in, you get TWO bonus punches, and after 10 punches you get a free massage. SWEET!

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<![CDATA[ONE DAY ONLY 11/20/2015! IT's Your Top 5 Superstars & More 6-piece Holiday Set from IT Cosmetics on QVC]]>Fri, 20 Nov 2015 06:46:20 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/one-day-only-11202015-its-your-top-5-superstars-more-6-piece-holiday-set-from-it-cosmetics-on-qvc
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  IT Cosmetics IT's Your Top 5 Superstars & More! 6-pc Holiday Set

  • 0.28-fl oz Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Anti-Aging Concealer
  • 0.30-oz Celebration Foundation Illumination
  • 0.33-fl oz Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Volumizing Mascara
  • 0.0056-oz Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil
  • 0.11-oz Vitality Lip Flush Anti-Aging Lipstick Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi
  • Heavenly Luxe Master Brush
  • Gift box
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<![CDATA[Race preview: Girlfriends Run for a Cure Half & Quarter Marathon - Vancouver WA [10/11/2015]]]>Fri, 02 Oct 2015 05:03:00 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/race-preview-girlfriends-run-for-a-cure-half-quarter-marathon-vancouver-wa-10112015Girlfriends Run for a Cure Half & Quarter Marathon
This event is one of my all time favorites. It's incredible--every single detail is just filled with tons and tons of LOVE. It's coming up in just over a week, and I definitely encourage all of my lady friends to consider registering for this women-only race that showcases Vancouver's downtown, Fort Vancouver, and the waterfront <3
THE GIRLFRIENDS AND PINK BRIGADE HAVE RAISED NEARLY $350,000 OVER THE LAST 8 YEARS!The 9th Annual Girlfriends Run for a Cure is a Quarter Marathon (6.55 miles) and a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) designed specifically for women to get together to do something good for themselves and to help support a very important women's cause.

We started this event to honor and support one of our BFFs, Joleen Skarberg, who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and continues to run it every year with her daughters, sisters, nieces, cousins and girlfriends! Watch for her - she'll be wearing #1!

So tell all your girlfriends, recruit & inspire them and together have fun and help raise funds for Breast Cancer Research, Care, Treatment & a Cure. This Half and Quarter Marathon walking and running event is designed specifically for women including awesome women’s technical shirts, cool medals, chocolate, cupcakes, massage and firemen waiting for you at the finish line! It's a fabulous Girl's weekend plus the more people who participate, the more money we can raise!
<![CDATA[Product review: Firmoo glasses]]>Wed, 23 Sep 2015 04:18:37 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/product-review-firmoo-glasses1
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I just recently received my fourth and fifth pair glasses from Firmoo, and I just LOVE them! (Check out my reviews of first, second and third pairs also--they were all fabulous). This time I decided to be adventurous with a pair of tortoiseshell glasses (so I can look cool and nerdy) and a pair of vintage-inspired cat eye glasses (so I can look retro and nerdy). 
These F1009(C1) glasses (above) were a gamble. The shape and the colors just seemed too bold for me, but I decided to give them a try. I also added on a few extra features (thin & light lenses, grey photochromic, anti-scratch, UV coating, and oleophobic fingerprint resistant coating)--I've been tired of squinting in to the summer sun for months! When I received these, I was blown away. They were so cute and I LOVED how they looked on me! And I really like how well the lenses adjust to bright light. The frames and lenses with all of the features listed would only set you back $89, which I think is a STEAL. I've gotten so many compliments while wearing these!
I went the opposite route with the DBSN65067(C5) glasses that I ordered: the only additional feature that I chose was anti-reflective/anti-radiation, putting these glasses at just under $22! While I decided after I received them that I prefer thicker frames, I am still really pleased with these glasses. They still seem to be well made, and comfortable to wear.

I don't feel like I can go wrong with Firmoo. Their prices are incredible, their shipping is fast, and their selection is AWESOME. They get new styles of glasses all the time, and frequently have sales, including these styles for 15% off! I have already favorite about a dozen more styles that I want to get...
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<![CDATA[NIKE+ RUN CLUB AND KEVIN HART INVITE YOU TO COME RUN IN PORTLAND on 9/11/2015!]]>Thu, 10 Sep 2015 22:29:27 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/nike-run-club-and-kevin-hart-invite-you-to-come-run-in-portland-on-9112015


5k pop-up run with comedian open to Nike+ Members Friday, September 11 at Portland’s Waterfront Park

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart and Nike are teaming up for a spontaneous 5k run this weekend at Gas Works Park in Seattle. The run will take place on Friday, September 11 at 7:34 a.m. and is open to runners of all levels as part of the Nike+ Run Club weekly programing.  

All are welcome to  sign up for Nike+ membership for FREE and register for the NRC Local Run with Hart at: Run with Hart.

Comedian and actor Kevin Hart wants to inspire his fans to get out and run. And with the help of Nike, thousands of them have been doing just that this summer. As part of his What Now? tour, Hart and Nike have hosted these pop-up 5Ks all across America, with 12 cities total planned.

Hart and Nike have a long-standing relationship centered on a shared belief in the power of sport and importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Kevin Hart will join runners for the run around Portland’s Waterfront, beginning and ending at the Bill Naito Legacy Fountain.

Kevin Hart
Nike+ Run Club Coach Blue Benadum

Friday, September 11
7:34 a.m.
Approximate duration: 2 hours

Bill Naito Legacy Fountain
2 SW Naito Parkway
Portland, OR 97204

About Nike+ Run Club
Run your first, funnest and fastest miles with us. Join a Global community of runners and receive expert guidance from NRC Coaches and Pacers at every session. All paces welcome: when you run with this crowd, there’s a place for everyone.

Know Before You Go
Check-in starts 30 minutes before the session starts. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the session start or your spot could be given away to a walk-in.
We strive to provide the most inspiring, most fun and safest environment at Nike+ Run Club. With runners' safety in mind, we do not allow dogs or strollers at any of our Nike+ Run Club Sessions.
NIKE, Inc. based near Beaverton, Ore., is the world’s leading designer, marketer and distributor of authentic athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities. Wholly-owned NIKE, Inc. subsidiaries include Converse Inc., which designs, markets and distributes athletic lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories; and Hurley International LLC, which designs, markets and distributes surf and youth lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories. For more information, visit news.nike.com and follow @Nike.
<![CDATA[Race preview: Cause+Event Portland 5k, 10k & Virtual Run [10/18/2015]]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 12:40:33 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/race-preview-causeevent-portland-5k-10k-virtual-run-10182015
Comped entry
The Cause + Event Race Series is unlike any other race series of its kind. The runner (or walker) chooses their their favorite registered 501(c)3 nonprofit and their cause will receive at least half of the racer’s registration. [Entry fee] includes race shirt and participation medal.
I love the concept of a race that supports EVERY nonprofit organization chosen by its participants. It's an incredible thing to think about, and I love that they also want to put on a high-quality event that will bring runners and walkers back year after year. In 2014, I participated in Cause+Event Portland as a virtual runner while running Uberthon's Oregon Half Marathon, and this year I'm really looking forward to participating in person for the 2015 Cause+Event Portland race! Scroll down for more details from Race Director Cyndie Pelto.
Shirt design for 2015 Cause+Event Portland
Participating as a virtual runner in 2014
Remember, we will cap our registrations at 1,000 runners, so register today to guarantee your spot.  Team captains vying for largest team... get those registrations in!

REGISTER TODAY!  Here are the events to choose from:
5K Walk - $35 ($15 to the cause of your choice)
5K/10K Run - $35 ($15 to the cause of your choice)
Free Kids Fun Run - Tot Trot and 1K

8:30am - Kid's Fun Run and Tot Trot
9am - 10K
9:05 - 5K Run
9:10 - 5K Walk

All pricing for each event (except the FREE kid's Fun Run) INCLUDES the donation, t-shirt, finisher's medal, and chip timing.  Our sponsors have all kinds of amazing goodies to share with you on race day.

Connect with us on Facebook, to stay in the loop about all kinds of promotions, contests, incentives, and sponsorship deals.  

DEADLINES:  Register today, and you won't need to worry about these!
August 31 - Team Bonus Donation Contest ends
September 14th - Last day to get your name on the shirt/guarantee shirt size
September 18th - Last day to get your race bib personalized with name
October 11th - Online registration closes at midnight, if race isn't already SOLD OUT. 

VIRTUAL RUN:  If other runners you know, are not in the Portland area on October 18th they can still race for their cause through our Virtual Run:   Virtual Run - $40 (any distance, any location, $15 to the cause of your choice) shirt, bib and medal will be mailed to you.

TEAMS:  We hare hosting a contest, which all team captains were notified of, during the month of August.  The team with the MOST registrations during this month will receive a bonus donation to their cause.  Team Captains, email causeandeventreg@gmail.com for more information and help promoting. 

VOLUNTEERS:  Our Registration is now LIVE and you can start recruiting your volunteers!  The first 5 non-profits to provide us with 5 or more volunteers will get a FREE Expo Booth Space at our Race Day Expo.  Volunteer Registration

CHILD CARE:  Don't forget, Cause + Event Portland partners with Sweet Peas KidZone to provide on site childcare, complete with a pancake breakfast, arts and crafts, and a fun time, supervised by professionals.  Reserve your spot today: Child Care Sign Up

Thank you for supporting your cause and our 100% volunteer run event.  Come visit us at the Bethany Village Farmer's Market each Wednesday evening for your chance to win a prize!

Remember, every race has a cause.  No race has EVERY cause...until now.  Run with us on October 18th, it's for a good cause, YOUR cause.

Cyndie Pelto
Race Director
Cause + Event Portland
Comped entry
<![CDATA[Product review: Whole Body "Travel Like a Pro" Weekender Bag + GIVEAWAY]]>Thu, 20 Aug 2015 05:39:06 GMThttp://www.lipglossandspandex.com/blog/product-review-whole-body-travel-like-a-pro-weekender-bag-giveaway
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Whole Foods just released their latest limited-edition Whole Body bag this week! This Whole Body bag's theme is "Travel Like A Pro" and it's filled with perfect-for-travel products, and is only $6.99, which is totally a STEAL! (If you've ever bought a bunch of those travel-sized toiletries at the drugstore, you know how quickly it can add up--six travel sized products and a reusable bag for under seven dolla-dolla bills is SWEEEET, especially given the quality standards for all products carried in the Whole Body department). If you haven't snatched one up yet, be sure to head over to your local store and snatch up one of these before they're sold out.
August is all about going bold and taking a quick get-a-way before going back to school or back to work. You can travel like a pro with this custom designed sleek airplane friendly bag filled with travel ready body care essentials and coupons. This bag will be on sale during a two week cycle, a $40.00 value retailing at just $6.99! The sale will run August 12-25 :)

The quart size Travel Zip rePETe ™ by ChicoBag ® is made from recycled materials, certified 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and TSA compliant.
  • Acure repairing shampoo & conditioner with moroccan argan stem cell + argan oil: Provides lasting moisture for dry, damaged hair. It smells lovely: warm, sweet and almond-y. For me, how my hair products smells is really important. Obviously, I expect it to do a good job, but it's really important that my hair smells great. I mean, it's right there next to my face, I'm going to be catching a whiff of it all the time. 
  • Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer: Hydrating plant oils and calming botanicals for all skin types. I looooove this moisturizer. Light enough to be absorbed quickly, but rich enough to 
  • Tom's of Maine Simply White Flouride Toothpaste in Clean Mint: Spiff up your smile without synthetic bleaching chemicals. Whitening and cavity protection! It smells great and has a nice peppermint flavor that isn't overwhelming.
  • Alaffia African Black Soap: All-in-one hand, face and body wash scented with essential oils. I love this liquid soap. I already have a full sized version of this product in my shower right now! 
  • Mineral Fusion nail polish in Blushing Crystal: Long-lasting mineral formula without formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. This is a great polish! Dries quickly, opaque in two coats, and a great neutral color to have on hand. Usually I'm pretty underwhelmed by 
  • ChicoBag Travel Zip: Sleek, airplane-friendly bag made from recycled plastic bottles. The clear panel lets you easily see what's inside!
  • Coupons! $5.00 off Juice Beauty Product, $5.00 off Nourish Advanced Facial Cleansing System, $1.00 Naturtint Hair Color

Want to win a Whole Body "Travel Like a Pro" weekender bag? Whole Foods has offered Lipgloss+Spandex fans a chance to win one. Just leave a comment below (anything at all) and I'll pick one person at random (contest ends Friday 8/21/2015 at 5:00pm PST, open to US residents 18+, fulfillment not through Lipgloss+Spandex)! And stay tuned...I'll be giving another one away on Instagram very soon :)
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